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Banquet chairs in stock and ready to go in a great looking pattern and color. We have a bunch of these chairs come in and get some or all of them today for your home or office. These chairs are great for parties, break rooms or anywhere else you would like to use them. Modern Modular 1702 E. University Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85034 Office 602.433.2616 Weekends 602.390.4361 Cash or check no cards accepted
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Modern Modular is recognized as a leader in the re-manufactured modular office furniture industry. With over 28 years in business, we are one of the largest suppliers of re-manufactured Herman Miller and Haworth cubicle systems furniture in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer many other brands of cubicles, desks, chairs, and file cabinets, along with new and used office furniture items at our warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona. By using a combination of both new and recycled materials, we recognize our responsibility to recycle and take part in the preservation of the environment by creating an economically and environmentally responsible alternative in new and used office furniture systems.
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